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Multiple monitors in Enlightment – bodhi linux

Yes, I am on the verge to migrate from my XFCE to Enlightment as my desktop of choice. But I’m going to talk about the migration in another article.

As in XFCE, in Enlightment as the user doesn’t really have a GUI that allows you to manage multiple monitors so you could either install it yourself or apply to the CLI-wizard side of you.
To fix this shortage one could install ARandR and manage the monitors as one pleases but this has a little and quite important shortage, ARandR can’t let you change the primary monitor, and unless you are pleased with whatever it chooses for you, you have to go to the command line at least once.
If you were in linux world for some time, you probably already know that xrandr is the king of display configuration, so you’ll have to show it some respect.
First find out the names of your monitors by typing xrandr in a terminal emulator (Terminology is the default one in bodhi linux). Once you have the names think about which one you want to make the primary monitor and run
xrandr –output MONITOR-NAME — primary

Now you could close the terminal and use ARandR for positioning if you don’t want to get your hands dirty anymore, but you could position them as well with the command xrandr.
In my case I want to have my laptop screen (LVDS)as primary and should be on the left, that means that the external monitor (VGA-0) would be on the right of my laptop screen, so I used this command:
xrandr –output LVDS –primary –auto –output VGA-0 –auto –right-of LVDS
Have fun with the setup and Enlightment ;)
PS: it probably works in any environment as long as you have xrandr available