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Back on track

I’m back on track (at least I’m trying to be). I told myself I have to keep my blog alive, and keep the world up-to-date with my newest findings no matter how big or small they are, as long as they are focused and contain accurate info.

The main reason for not publishing anything in a long time is laziness which was fed up by some technical problems like my host database beeing hacked wiped and my last backup holded info from 2 weeks before.. (I was just at the beginning of setting the thing up). So now I’ll be more carefull about the security and backup, ups… I have to do one right after writing this entry (until I setup an automatic backup system).
So bottom line, my blog was not affected by the database wipe because moovable type kind of precompiles the whole stuff into html each time I update something… so notihing lost. I think I will loose some of my posts not covered by my backup with this update, but since I have a visual one… I just printed the curent page as a pdf, and with a bit of copy-paste and some date-hacking I’ll have my stuff back as before… enough with talking, let’s revive this monster.

Hello CyberSpace!

By writing these words I finally make the first (official) steps into the vast cyberspace. I planned this a long time ago, and these days I eventually force myself to spare some time and a minimal drop of resources and got myself this beast CMS platform which I eventually managed to tame a bit. I am still finding myself lost into it’s tentacles but I’ll manage to get to know it better in a couple of days.

Right now the look and feel of my website is ok but not what I really want to be, so wait and see improvements as my learning curve spikes up.

And in the end I’ll like to say to everyone “living” in this neighborhood : “Hi, I’m your new neighbor, glad to meet all of you and hope we can get along pretty fast!”.